Frequently Asked Questions

About me

My name is Ben Ma and I'm a student at Michigan University. I'm majoring in Computer Science and I love technology. I consider myself a full-stack .Net developer but I like to play with all languages and frameworks. When I graduate in 2019 I hope to join a technology consultant such as Capgemini, Microsoft or IBM.


I like making web applications in my spare time, and Videointerviewbot is the only project that has made it from my local machine to a public-friendly live environment (so far!)


You can contact me at:


We do not store or access your videos! I took the important decision not to copy the videos you record from your local machine to the web. Your recordings all remain 'client side' which means they never leave your computer. They don't get uploaded to our servers, or anywhere; they stay on your hard drive and we can't touch them. I can't see what you record; only people with access to your computer can see what you've recorded.


So the only things we store from your interaction with this website is the usual website stuff: cookies, anonymized IP address (last tuple hashed), timestamps of your access, the pages you accessed.

Why did I make this?

Recently I was applying for intern jobs at some technology companies (Microsoft Capgemini etc) and quite a few of them invited me to a video interview (or 'digital interview' as they sometimes called it). I thought wow that's great, but I'd like to practice my video interview technique first. So I tried recording myself on my webcam, which was OK but didn't recreate the question-answer web experience. So I thought it would be better to have it online. Then I thought: that shouldn't be too difficult to make with HTML5 nowadays. It turns out it was a bit more difficult due to the poor browser support of Safar and IE (which need Flash) but heyho I got there in the end. Once I made the site I had a few friends telling me they'd like a go, and then I thought: well why not put it online and let everyone have a go. So that's what I did! Videointerviewbot was born.